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  • questions for workers

    questions for workers, dear comrades

    Why is it we are still being ruled by representatives of bancs ?

    Why you work so hard while so many are without a job ?

    Why is having a job not normal ?

    Why can't you easily find a new job ?

    Why our telecom services, our energy and transport are not free ?

    Why still not one worldcurrency or an administration based on need ?

    Why some of us need the discpline of old ideologies to function ?

    Why not our inner discipline or the one of our colleagues in charge ?

    Why not we but them should be afraid of doiing away with speculation ?

    Why does the same product does not cost as much everywhere ?

    Why is poverty a form of official slavery ?

    Why so few people control so much wealth ?

    Why so few robots comand so many soldiers ?

    Why religions are not as much spiritual then our inner energy ?

    Why imperialism calls war humanitarian aid, free world and democracy ?

    Why do criminals control economy, whether in USA,ex- USSR or Liberia?

    Why do tradeunions follow the games of bigmoney ?

    Why do we not understand that 'foreigners' can be workers to ?

    Why we still make weapons to kill our comrades elsewhere ?

    Why do kings anq queens still exist ?

    Why not use technology and technocracy to build a beautifull world ?

    Why doesn't education teaches more about human sciences ?

    Why do we pay taxes aswell for putting mines as demining them ?

    Why do factories or aerocompanies close when demand is so big ?

    Why are farmers payed to destroy or not produce, while so much hunger ?

    Why so much short of housing ?

    Why our dogs and cats eat more money then some earn ?

    Why their system survives by means of crises, wars and exploitation .

    Why do we keep on collaborating while modern fascism is so strong ?

    Why our media talk in favour of what's gooing on ?

    Why is the right to vote, the right to say yes to the system ?

    Why don't we put forward our own program first ?

    Why don't we defend our own alternative in the enterprises we work ?

    Why don't we invite the jobless to join our reunions ?

    Why don't we develop our new strategy to put our demands in power ?