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  • questions for workers

    questions for workers, dear comrades

    Why is it we are still being ruled by representatives of bancs ?

    Why you work so hard while so many are without a job ?

    Why is having a job not normal ?

    Why can't you easily find a new job ?

    Why our telecom services, our energy and transport are not free ?

    Why still not one worldcurrency or an administration based on need ?

    Why some of us need the discpline of old ideologies to function ?

    Why not our inner discipline or the one of our colleagues in charge ?

    Why not we but them should be afraid of doiing away with speculation ?

    Why does the same product does not cost as much everywhere ?

    Why is poverty a form of official slavery ?

    Why so few people control so much wealth ?

    Why so few robots comand so many soldiers ?

    Why religions are not as much spiritual then our inner energy ?

    Why imperialism calls war humanitarian aid, free world and democracy ?

    Why do criminals control economy, whether in USA,ex- USSR or Liberia?

    Why do tradeunions follow the games of bigmoney ?

    Why do we not understand that 'foreigners' can be workers to ?

    Why we still make weapons to kill our comrades elsewhere ?

    Why do kings anq queens still exist ?

    Why not use technology and technocracy to build a beautifull world ?

    Why doesn't education teaches more about human sciences ?

    Why do we pay taxes aswell for putting mines as demining them ?

    Why do factories or aerocompanies close when demand is so big ?

    Why are farmers payed to destroy or not produce, while so much hunger ?

    Why so much short of housing ?

    Why our dogs and cats eat more money then some earn ?

    Why their system survives by means of crises, wars and exploitation .

    Why do we keep on collaborating while modern fascism is so strong ?

    Why our media talk in favour of what's gooing on ?

    Why is the right to vote, the right to say yes to the system ?

    Why don't we put forward our own program first ?

    Why don't we defend our own alternative in the enterprises we work ?

    Why don't we invite the jobless to join our reunions ?

    Why don't we develop our new strategy to put our demands in power ?


  • on the issue of love

    the 12 commandments

     develop the stronger part in yourself

     search for objective knowledge

     overcome your negative emotions

     do your part of the work

     take the time for silence and nature

     money was a means of, not a purpose

     discover the true meaning of faith and faithfulness

     don’t life only for working for money

     too much consumption spoils yourself

     discover the symbolism of the meaning of life

     life brings you closer to the hart of life : separating sense from nonsense







    Each day on a personal as well as a collective level, trying to understand what can be done and what has to be postponed to a later date, epoch… .

    1. A personal level Having a clear comprehension of what is meant with some concrete or abstract words, is very important in life. One does not only learn this in a theoretical way. What is meant with the word ‘love’ for example ? The emotional ties between people often are so complicated because before we were born lots of things happened, lots of historical issues and emotional stuff that eventually and indeed lead to our existence. These kind of social, biological movements between persons and their personal and collective relations, coming from a journey between the radiation of the early days of the big bang or whatever originally happened and the evolution of atoms into cells and organisms and ourselves CONTAIN lots of individual and spiritual messages. In fact, we ourselves did already take part in the life of former generations…because the genetic information in a lot of cases seems to interact with the lessons one has to learn in life. In fact one is the result of a number of characteristics of older persons than oneself, a being put together by different characteristics. All difficult things where our ancestors did not come even with, we get on our ‘plate’ again. We confront our ancestors and others with the way we are and with the way they are and reverse. In religious terms we would call it ‘a sin through heritage’, but let us take a humanistic and spiritual pad as too understand those things. We all think we have a free will and that we can decide whatever we want to; but that is just one part of the truth. If for instance in ‘the love game’ we obey the general rule number one : ‘not having a sexual relationship with more than one person’, we can avoid a number of emotional problems : jealousy, complicated triangles, not being able to integrate sensual feelings for other people in one’s own relationship. There is a difference between biology and chemical things and the responsibility that comes with taking up an important task in the life of someone else, one’s family, another family and so on. The difference between wanting something and the way it is, is a strange one : we want to erase poverty, war, famine…but they still are there; we don’t want emotional trouble with people…but often we do have it.   In both cases we’ll have to make an objective study of ‘how come this or that goal is not completely achieved yet, can it be achieved’ ? Where does it always go wrong, how can we fix it ? Like in the beginning of cosmos, things come into life when too much pressure tends to explode and take a space that is smaller or equal to zero…zero, something without content has no meaning, it cannot exist…and in the end it’s like some situations in our collective or personal lives : things are tried in a different way to give things and persons a change to a new, more logical approach of former situations. A few generations earlier, there often was only one person, generally speaking, bringing money into the household. There was less pressure on buying things, entertainment was more simple, no violent computer games, less stress on work… . We have partly lost our roots with a life more in harmony with nature and we are thought that life is a kind of mechanical things that happens until you are dead, and that’s it then. But those who aren’t there any more still make part of our world because they are related to us…like the roots and branches of a three. Our ‘roots’ in fact are our collective, partly invisible past; sometimes they can hold back our evolution. We ourselves have to rule on top of our pyramid through the person we have become in each stage of our life. We do not always succeed in this each day or each moment of the day…but we can learn how to avoid being ruled by the negative part of our emotions because those can take away our happiness for too long periods. Living once life in quiet and peace, who would not want that ? Knowing what can and cannot be one is important in this. One has to work on an insight in this; understanding once relationships. Each day and night. Feeling connected but knowing when to take distance. A lot of negative emotions and misunderstandings just come from the ‘have’ or ‘wanting to much’ stuff in our lives… a lot of people judge their relationships on these kind of things. Sometimes people do have to separate, but in a lot of case they really should stay together because life has given them very good cards to understand their reasons for living…no matter if the cards are difficult or not.

    People in love, married or in what existing form of living together often want to push one another out of a relationship by complaining without real reasons and trying to make the partner not a ease at all. They want the other to be ‘perfect’…and that of course is a romantic view in most of the cases. A lot of people had to share the heights and down periodes of people in order to understand that there is grieve one is not able yet to talk about. Sometimes tears can hold people healthy, being silent inside as well can. To see ‘clear’ in these kind of things is to reach a stadium where thorugh experience one understands one’s own life in connection and coordination with that of others and not only through the written and spoken word but through one’s own inner equilibrium. The experience of living your own inner peace, your own original you …that’s who you really are. That image of who you are, you are trying to project it on the outside world who maybe is not as ready for it as you are, no matter if it’s your neighbour, your son or whoever…often one is too busy analysing the feelings and thoughts, images of the day or of the past to try to look for explanations and connections, that not only depend on your own experiences and future roads in life.

    One really has to deal with things that were a heritage from instincts. Like jealousy for example. Jealousy looks for fuel everywhere. Memories of the past, fantasy about other lovers etc… . The real meaning of being faithful is that the connection in fact is very good after discovering in no limited length of time that lots of things fit between people.

    It’s all about understanding each other’ s languages.

    It has to come to an end

    You, you never attaced City, State or Human.

    You never shot someone. Some of your States do it.

    With your money. Sponsored violence.

    You can’t talk about these things in Their official democracy.

    You can resist on the net but not vote on it telematically.

    Some among us, do play the game of bloody Big Business

    Murdering for possession, using some old believes.


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