• 2 English Poems

    In order to :

    Feel what life is about

    Have a love for matter

    And it’s history.

    One has to use all one’s senses

    Obtain knowledge as well, to feel.

    To see how everything is alive

    One has to be in close encounter

    With all the living

    Dating back to radiation and our cells

    In order to :

    Be alive, one has to understand

    A great deal about each and everyone’s

    Role and evolution

    One has to have an idea

    Of further stories to be prepared

    On has to be prepared for future developments

    In order to be happy

    One has to give

    And enjoy the receiving

    In order to be eternal

    One has to know a lot of the stuff…

    Secrets are made of.                   Octo 14may2012monday

    New pages

    Always restarting

    On old bases

    As well as new fundaments

    Each day a lot to experience

    New try-outs of evolved situations

    Always the same past

    The same perspectives

    As well as totally new

    In fact new

    But under other forms

    Slightly adapted

    To the stage one is in

    Several ARE in, in fact

    Make new starts on previous conditions

    The wisdom of what you had to offer to people

    May it be an eternal enrichment

    For eternity

    Which is hidden

    In this now already

    Octo 14may2012monday